Forgotten Fathers and Found Sons

This Isn't a Hill, It's a Hole!

We arrived at the dragon burial mound, only to find a huge hole in the ground! A little gnome, Agrid, called out to us in a falsely friendly manner. We were not deceived. After a challenging battle, Agrid surrendered. We found Douven in a wriggling sack. He gave us his amulet of health and we found an ancient mirror.

We tied up the surviving foes, and headed back to town. One of the survivors was a drake that Thoradin decided to make his own. Briik coerced Agrid into teaching him his invisibility spell…however, in teaching it, he used it and tried to escape. Briik summarily killed him.

Much care was taken to prevent the suspected cultist of Shar from detecting the prisoners before an arrest could be effected. The party split up, with Barjin, Briik, Aelar, Douven and Otoko guarding the the prisoners while Thoradin and Agrippa went to Wrafton’s Inn to talk to Lord Padraig about the cultists. While they were having a private conversation in the kitchen, Ninaran left the Inn. Otoko and Aelar attempted to stealthily follow the half-elf…unsuccessfully. She went into a small farmers hut outside of the walls where she moved the curtains and started a fire in the fireplace. She then left and went back to town, waving at the hiding adventurers on her way.

Bairwin also left the Inn during the private conversation. However, Thoradin signaled the rest of the party to follow him. Barjin and Briik went to Bairwin’s house to intercept him. Thoradin, Agrippa, and Otoko went to his shop. Aelar was still watching the farmers hut.

The guard came and took the prisoners to the guard house. Douven went to collect his gear from Salvana and visit with Thair.

While half the group was in the shop, they discovered a chapel to Shar in the basement with Bairwin and four other creepy guys, in black robes. They attacked immediately.

The battle was not going well, so Otoko went to get reinforcements. One guard answered the call and Briik and his little brother Barjin came running. Once they were all back in the basement, the battle took a turn in their favor. Several times, the adventurers called for surrender, but the black robed figures fought to the death.

When they were all dead, a survey of the room revealed a hidden chamber. The secret room contained a chest of loot and a well stocked bookshelf including a note from Kalarel to Bairwin.

Lord Padraig honored his agreement that the adventurers could have the contents of the store as reward for saving the town from the cult of Shar, however he wanted to keep the building for himself.

A deal was struck with Thair Coalstriker to sell the items from the store on a commission basis for the adventurers.



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