In Baldurs Gate

Douven Staul. Dwarf fighter. Husband of Binca Staul. Teacher and mentor.

Binca Staul. Dwarf Cleric of Melora. Wife of Douven Staul. Teacher at Douven’s school for adventurers.

In Arabel

Gevarn. Acolyte of Chauntea. Sent by Sister Lenore to get help.

Brad, Ana and Bronwyn. Hired thugs.

Gilded Lady barkeep. Most excellent barkeep told the town watch the truth.

In Winterhaven

Sister Lenora. Cleric of Chauntea. Feels that her goddess is telling her to be wary of a Cult of Shar

Rond Keflem. Guard at the gate. Mentioned “Irontooth” in connection to the kobold attack.

Elian the Old. An old farmer who fancies himself an historian. Remembered Douven, gave him directions to the supposed dragon burial site.

Lord Padraig.

Bairwin Wildarson. New guy in town, moved here two years ago and opened a shop.

Ninaran. Surly half-elf.

Sir Keegan. Undead paladin

Bad Dudes

Calarel. Main Cultist. Not much known about him.

Irontooth. Goblin leader of the Kobold Attacks on Winterhaven

Shadraxle. Main Bad Guy. Epic Dracolich


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