Forgotten Fathers and Found Sons

Sir Keegan Rises to the Occasion

goblins, zombies and skeletons, oh my

Well, we got all ready for some lake diving after I purified the water in our room, but there wasn’t anything at the bottom but BONES. That’s right, BONES. Lots and lots of(you get the idea). Anyway, after we found nothing,(except some coins and a large ruby) we decided to go be barbarians and kill some stuff. We went back to the secret door we found, and we silently killed a fat goblin, aptly named Balgron the Fat. After ambushing his colleagues, we decided to kill every last one of them. After all, the only good goblin’s a dead goblin. After we cleaned them out, a bell rang and the room was flooded with gobs again. We cleaned them out again, and went on to the next room. Aelar creaked next to a door, gave away our position, and alerted the gobs to our whereabouts. We killed all the goblins in the room(one of them was an executioner with wicked armor), except for one. He was a caged prisoner named Splug, and he gave us information on the rest of the dungeon we were in. We tested his stories, and found they were all real. We were attacked by some zombies, and my new summonings couldn’t do anything but doodle on the walls(first time!), and Briik saved the day with his unfairly mighty lightning swords. Wow. We opened the crypt doors, and were attacked by magical skeletons! They kept reanimating themselves, so Briik, Otoe, and I had the bright idea to go awaken Sir Keegan. The undead paladin told us to just pray the skeletons away, and it worked! Keegan later told the story of his descent into madness, why he could not leave that room, and why we were going to have to probably kill Shadraxle.

- Barjin the Invincible



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