Forgotten Fathers and Found Sons

On the road...forever

Everyone showed up to school for the last semester except the teacher. Turns out he got lost over summer vacation. Douven’s wife, Binca, hired 6 of the last semester students to go find him and bring him home.

The group hired on as guards to a caravan heading across the country. Nothing happened on the trip and they made some money.

The caravan’s destination was Arabel, and there they stopped at the Gilded Lady for some ale, and ended up saving an acolyte of Chauntea from a bunch of thugs. Agrippa managed to deal some damage without ever getting off the couch or putting down his stew! When the town guard arrived they earned a 50 gp bounty on the mercenary that started the fight. Ka-ching!

The acolyte went with them the rest of the way to Winterhaven. He thinks there’s a cult of Shar taking hold in his town.

On the way into town, a bunch of kobolds attacked them on the road. Briik took care of them with an awesome flame cyclone!



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