Forgotten Fathers and Found Sons

Krazy Kobolds

Why is it always kobolds?

We left town and headed out to find the pesky kobold lair. On the way, Aelar and I heard a bunch of kobolds setting up an ambush. Surprise! I ruined their ambush with a devastating shock bomb! It took out half the waiting kobolds in one blow! The rest of the group swooped in and did clean up. One of the little buggers ran off while his comrades were being decimated.

We followed the small sneak behind the waterfall and into thier lair. Unfortunately, he was able to warn the kobolds in the lair and they were positioned to keep us from getting too far in. Ha. Good plan guys, does not hold up to us! After taking down lots of cannon fodder, a few tough guys showed up including one mean looking goblin. For whatever reason, he just stood there and watched us kill his bodyguards. He took one swipe at Briik with each of his battle axes, then just stood there stupidly while we all pounded on him. Oto actually killed him with the pommel of his short sword…and it wasn’t even a direct hit!

We did find a letter from Kalarel on the goblin. He was apparently the one called Irontooth that we’ve been hearing about.

When we went back to town to get our reward, everyone was acting squirrelly.

—Barjin the Invincible



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