Forgotten Fathers and Found Sons

Barely a Minute to Breathe

Stay Out...REALLY!

We finally got a minute to breathe. We are holed up in a dead end little room in the dungeons of the Keep. We just killed a Blue Slime and decided that we really need to rest. It’s been nonstop mayhem since we walked in here.

First, we had to fight some goblin archers just to get into the place, then we followed the sounds of arguing to a room where some goblins were digging up the floor of a room. Spikey earned his chow then…he fought several other drakes and kept them off our backs while we took care of the goblins. It was perilous what with all the pits and planks and ladders, and all.

We found a hidden door and marked it for later exploration. There was an opening with rough cut stones leading down into what smelled like a dungeon to us. We explored the dungeon, killing rats and other vermin along the way until we found a whole nest of Kruthiks. Kruthik extermination is a chore! The payout was hardly worth it. We also found someones hidey hole stocked with sleeping bags, ale, food rations, etc, but it really stank so we kept moving.

We found a rally old door with a fairly new sign scratched in the mold. It read “Stay Out. Really”. We just looked at each other and started to work on opening the door. Inside was a natural cavern almost full of brackish water. Then the tentacles attacked! It was a lengthy and exhausting battle, but we did manage to kill the thing.

That’s it for tonight, I’m getting some shuteye.



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